Considering the growth of his fan base and fame, Zimbabwe gospel singer Takesure Zamar Ncube, who recently performed in the USA, is fast proving to be Africa’s next big thing.

Popularly known as ‘Minister Zamar’ in music circles, Takesure is the founder and leader of a gospel group Worship Addicts.

Since gospel music comes in different genres, Takesure sings a fusion of worship, Afro-jazz, traditional, blues and contemporary soul.

‘Our mission is to spread the word of God; the more people come to our shows means the growth of the body of Christ.

‘We are happy that through our music we are evangelising; the word of God says go ye therefore and make disciples.’

The Kuregerera in Advance hit-maker is at the peak of his music career. He’s been producing hit after hit, dominating radio and television chat shows with songs such as Agere Pachigaro, Umoya Wami and Kuregerera in Advance.

I first heard his song, Prayer for Zimbabwe at the start of 2014 being played in the streets of Harare. It seemed like every boutique, supermarket, car and commuter omnibus was playing the song; I asked myself ‘Who is this guy by the name, Takesure?’

Next thing I was in love with his music, checking out other songs of his and attending shows. Zamar’s Agere Pachigaro song was on the number one spot on Star FM radio chat show Gospel Greats for more than six weeks while four of his other songs were also in the top ten. Kudzai Violet Gwara KVG, radio presenter at Star FM says the artist is going all the way to the top considering the impact he is making around the continent.

Takesure says he is also targeting the eastern parts of the world.

‘Takesure is a very talented musician; in fact he is a full package when it comes to music considering that he is an amazing songwriter and instrumentalist with a very beautiful voice.

‘The other thing about him is that his music has relevance and it speaks to the soul; I believe he is a rising star going all the way to the top,’ she said.

He’s toured countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia to mention just a few, and now he says he is also targeting the eastern parts of the world.  As well as travelling, he enjoys music by other African and international artists as well.

‘I also enjoy music by other artists. Songs like Kulungile by S’fiso Ncwane, Ephiziba by Mathias Mhere, Holy by Jesus Culture, Ichokwadi by Mkululi Bhebhe and Makanaka Jesu by UFIC Choir are some of the top five songs I am listening to,’ he said. Takesure, however, says piracy stands as a huge impediment to the growth and progress of African music.

Take Sure gospel singer

He highlights the problems musicians face because of piracy directly but says they should remain consistent despite the impediment.

‘Piracy is scourging Africa’s creative industries which in turn affects profitability and quality of productions as few people are now taking music as a career.

‘We hope that one day the artists in the continent will be rewarded despite the economic hardships the continent is facing.

‘Artists must just learn to ignore such challenges and keep fighting because the battle is won by those who are consistent,’ he said.

Takesure Zamar Ncube was born and raised in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe, and began his music career at a tender age of 10, singing in various churches around the country. To improve his musical skill, the 34-year-old musician enrolled in 2005 for a two-year music and musicology diploma at the Zimbabwe College of Music.

2010 was the year he founded the Worship Addicts and released their first album in August 2011. He then released Worship Addicts volume two a year later. Since then Takesure has shared the stage with various celebrated gospel artists from around the continent including the likes of Benjamin Dube, Mathias Mhere, Mkluli Bhebhe and Keke Phoofolo. He has also collaborated with one of the most celebrated gospel choirs in Africa, Joyous Celebration, on the song Kuregerera in Advance which was a hit around the continent.

Takesure’s top five tunes:

1. Kulungile by S’fiso Ncwane

2. Ephiziba by Mathias Mhere

3. Holy by Jesus Culture

4. Ichokwadi by Mkululi Bhebhe

5. Makanaka Jesu by UFIC Choir

Follow Takesure on Twitter @zamartakey

Takesure will be performing in Harare on November 21 with The Worship Addicts at AFM Church Hall. Find out more here.